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Relocation Assistance

Our Pam Colvin does more than just help you find a house. She helps you and your family find a HOME ... a backyard play area, top ranked schools, convenient shopping, easy access to expressways, churches, parks and just becoming established in your new surroundings.

Moving to or from Kenosha/Racine?

Call Gonnering Realty, Inc. to receive:

  • Personalized Service
  • Professional demeanor with warmth and friendliness
  • Totally integrated buying and selling experience

Moving to a new community can be stressful. That's why Pam's principal goal is to make your house hunting pleasurable. Plus, you will find ready answers to your questions about he area and up-to-date newsworthy information about Kenosha/Racine and their expanding economics.

Have youngsters? Our previous relocation families appreciate our Realtor's earnest sensitivity to their children's interests and occasional apprehension. Our Realtors understand the need to help the whole family "find their way around", build new friendships, and acclimate to an improved lifestyle.

We continue to work for you after you have moved. We will guide you to doctors, barbers, restaurants, festivities in the area. Anything that will help you settle in and feel comfortable in your new home.

What do our clients think? More than 90% of the families that we have helped relocate, have referred us to their friends, relatives and co-workers.

We make house hunting a pleasant experience while informing you about interest rates, markets and available housing. Most people find they adjust much more quickly to a new location when they have the assistance of an expert.

Call Pam today and let us help assist you with your relocation, (262) 657-3800 ext. 107.